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Safer Candle Alternatives

6/22/2022 (Permalink)

Three Candles. Avoid Candle Fires by following our Tips.

Their pleasing scents and warm glows make candles a popular addition to many people's home decor. Candles can also be useful for times when the power is out. However, they can pose a fire risk. Consider these safer candle alternatives.

Avoid a Candle Fire

The holidays are the most common time of year for candle fires to occur, but they can happen at any time. Using one of these popular candle alternatives can help you avoid this risk:

1. Essential Oil Diffusers

If you are burning candles for the scent, rather than the light, consider using an essential oil diffuser. These diffusers are either battery operated or plug into a wall outlet and you can use many different scents with them including popular holiday choices, such as pine trees and pumpkin spice.

2. Flameless Candles

If you want the experience of candlelight without the fire risk, try a flameless candle. These are usually battery-operated, so you can still use them during a power outage. They don't give off a scent or generate any heat, which may make them a good alternative for summer months and for people who have scent sensitivities. 

3. Wax Warmers

Wax warmers melt scented wax cubes to create the smell of burning a candle without the open flame. You can adjust the strength of the scent by increasing or decreasing the amount of wax you melt at one time. Because these items generate heat, they are not completely risk-free, but the fire risk is much lower than with an open flame.

4. Reed Diffusers

Reed diffusers aren't as powerful as electronically powered diffusers, but you don't have to change batteries or plug them in and they consistently dispense scents for weeks at a time. This is a good option if you want to use a diffuser in an out of sight area, such as a cabinet, or a location without easy access to an electrical outlet.

5. Room Sprays

Another flameless way to make your home smell nice is to use a room spray. Some of your favorite candle brands produce sprays and you can purchase automatic dispensers to keep your home smelling fresh all day.

Candle Safety Tips

According to the National Fire Protection Association, more than 8,200 house fires are started by candles every year. These fires can cause significant damage that requires restoration services in Kaysville, UT.

If you decide to use candles, use them safely. Never leave a burning candle unattended. If you must leave the room, blow out the candle first and make sure it is out. Do not place candles near flammable objects, such as curtains, furniture, carpets, paper, books, bedding and flammable decorations. Avoid touching open flames with your hair or clothing.

Do not put burning candles where pets or children can access them or where they can easily be accidentally knocked over. Avoid placing candles near vents or drafts. Don't move a candle while it is still lit or while any melted wax is liquified. Keep all candles at least three inches apart. 

Candle fires can cause a significant amount of property damage. To avoid this risk, use candles safely and consider using candle alternatives.

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